Neutra, a minimalist WordPress theme.

Neutra is no longer maintained by Artmov. You can still free download it from or install it for your blog.

But, you can create your own WordPress theme.
Step one (1) is to know how to convert a design made in Photoshop® into HTML/CSS.
Learn this step with the HOW-TO: Convert PSD to HTML/CSS step-by-step guide.


Convert PSD to HTML/CSS

Learn how to slice your own designs with the "HOW-TO: Convert PSD to HTML/CSS" e-book guide.

Optimize Your Website Speed

Briefly guide on how you can ptimize your website speed, gathered from the Internet.

HTML/CSS Framework

A HTML/CSS framework for converting and integrating designs, process known as PSD to HTML/CSS.

Google Chrome Extension

Specialchars lets you search through the most common HTML special characters and displays the entity codes and names.

For Google Chrome.